Homes of Hope Ribbon Cutting

One of the things that makes my career fulfilling is seeing the impact that good design can have on people’s lives. This impact happens in many ways, but one clear example was celebrated this morning at the ribbon cutting for the first Homes of Hope LoCAL homes (see our last blog post “Homes of Hope: Breaking down Barriers in Affordable Housing”). The original challenge put to us by Homes of Hope was to design a house that is cost efficient to build, space efficient, energy efficient, and very livable and comfortable. We did this by designing an 864 square foot, two bedroom one bath house prototype with various options to change the look of the home and even add additional rooms.

It was very gratifying to hear the comments of all the people touring the homes this morning at the ribbon cutting. There was a common thread to the comments that focused on how “good the space feels”. Even more gratifying than the comments of the visitors, were the comments of the new home owner and how much she loves the home that she and her two daughters will living in.  I couldn’t help but be grateful for Don Oglesby and his team at Homes of Hope and the impact that they have had on our community. The first two LoCAL Homes mark the completion of 400 hundred homes by this faith-based organization. The positive impact that they have made on our community cannot be measured.  We feel honored to be a very small part of that.

For more information on how the LoCAL program can truly impact the lives of people, watch the film below or visit Homes of Hope on the web.




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